Union of the Comoros

  • Capital city : Moroni
  • Independance Day: juillet 06, 1975
  • Date of joining OUA or AU:
  • Investment/Business Opportunities: In the Comoros, investment is supported by an attractive incentive policy based on legal and fiscal measures. The advantages of the Investment Code include free movement of capital, equal treatment of foreign investors with nationals and significant tax incentives.
  • Tourism: The Comorian society is matrilineal. The presence of Islam can be traced back as early as the 11th century. Comorians give importance to family ties, and this has made the population a united cultural and social group with a strong regard for music and other performance arts and local artisans such as sculpture, pottery, embroidery, and basketry. Diversity is also evident in the many prevalent languages used on the islands, including Comorian, Arabic, and Swahili.