Republic of Burundi

  • Capital city : Bujumbura
  • Independance Day: July 01, 1962
  • Date of joining OUA or AU:
  • Investment/Business Opportunities: Burundi established, Investment Promotion Authority (API), to facilitate potential investors in investing in Burundi and also to ensure laws and regulations that benefit investors are put in place with the aim of improving the business climate. API has also established a one-stop investment center to facilitate and simplify business registration in Burundi and tax exemptions and other advantages provided in the investment code. 
  • Tourism: The culture of Burundi includes songs, dances, folktales and poetry is recited in social gatherings. Its Royal Drummers showcasing its traditional beating drums. Lake Tanganyika (second largest freshwater lake in the World) is home to a variety fish and has many beaches, where hippopotamuses emerge from the water and rest on the sands.