Republic of Cameroon

  • Capital city : Yaoundé
  • Independance Day: janvier 01, 1960
  • Date of joining OUA or AU:
  • Investment/Business Opportunities: Good Risk for Investment, Land of Attractiveness: situated at the heart of the Gulf of Guinea, Cameroon lies on a surface of 475,442 km2. Cameroon is also referred to as “Africa in Miniature” owing to its remarkable contrasting relief, made up of high and low lands, its varied vegetation made up of forest, savanna and steppe; its tropical climate which is a combination of all the intertropical climate of the continent; and basically young and dynamic population. The country has enormous economic potentials, with encouraging business climate and investment opportunities in the agricultural, forestry, petroleum and gas, natural gas, mining, energy and tourism sectors. Incentives regime to investment was strengthened by law No 2013/004 of 18th April 2013 to lay down private investment incentives. The said law grants many advantages to investors during the establishment as well as operation phase.
  • Tourism: Cameroon is known for its masks, musical instruments and it has Africa’s largest and most active volcanoes, along with beaches, deserts, mountains, rainforests and savannas are found in Mount Cameroon. The UNESCO World Heritage Site of Dja Reserve is one of Africa’s largest and best-protected rainforests and the Limbe Wildlife Centre is one of the most beautiful parks providing a close-to-nature experience.